Twig Pencils

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What's better than writing in your nature journal?
Writing in your nature journal with twig pencils!
Twig pencils are available as a single pencil as well as in sets of 3 and 6. They measure approximately 4.5" long and 1/2" wide.  The lead measures between 1.5" to 2", allowing you to use all the lead with plenty of grip and no lead waste.  Once your pencil has been completely used, toss the stick back outside to decompose or into your compost pile!  To sharpen, have an ADULT use a pocket knife to shave off pieces of the twig to expose more lead. 
All of Huckleberry Creek Toys products are thoughtfully handcrafted in Southern Louisiana to foster your child's learning, encourage your child's imagination and offer open-ended play. My goal is to encourage learning and your child's imagination through art and play while minimizing environmental impact. All fabric scraps and thread are either composted in my home compost bin or used as stuffing and each product is carefully shipped in either recycled, recyclable, reusable or upcycled packaging.


~This item was crafted in a pet-friendly home

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