What if my item arrives damaged?

If an item breaks during shipping, Huckleberry Creek Toys will send another item if a duplicate is available. If the item is out of stock, then the customer may pick a comparable item, or the seller will refund the customer their money upon return of the damaged item.

Can I send my item back as "RETURN TO SENDER"?

If an item is "returned to sender" through no fault of the seller and is returned in the same condition it was sent out, the seller will refund the buyer minus the shipping the seller spent PLUS a 15% restocking fee. If the buyer still wants the item, they can re-order through our website. Please note, custom orders are not returnable and thus not refundable.

What is considered a custom or personalized order?

A custom or personalized order is one where you chose an option and that option was created specifically for you. 

Here are a few examples:

1. Item has a drop down menu where customer chooses an option. IE: a fabric or custom size, etc.

2. If I create a custom listing for you, this is considered a personalized order.

Basically, if your item was created with your specific needs in mind, and I cannot resell your item, it is considered customized or personalized and cannot be returned.

I live in PA, WA or OH, why can I not purchase your stuffed toys?

At this time, these three states require additional safety testing on all stuffed toys.  While Huckleberry Creek Toys toys are safety compliant with CPSC's safety requirements, at this time we have not pursued the additional testing and labeling requirements these 3 sates require and thus cannot sell stuffed toys to customers in these 3 states.  We do have plans to pursue selling our toys in these three states; however, do not have a time frame when this will be available yet.  For updates, please sign up for our newsletter.