About Us


We only get one planet to live on. Let's make the best of it!

Like many soon to be parents, you start out researching what is best for baby.  You want the best for your baby and for your family.  For me, this research evolved as my babies grew.  It grew with them into researching toys and everything from bath and body products to pots and pans. My eyes were opened to what exactly I was putting on my babies bodies and what harm I could be accidentally causing by using or allowing them to play with potentially harmful products.  

I knew I wanted to create a more natural lifestyle for my kids.  

Hp Boutiques blossomed out of this desire to create and use eco-friendly products in my own home, to protect my kids, my family and the Earth.  All the kitchen and cleaning items in my store were developed (and often personally used) to replace disposable items that wind up in the landfill or polluting our planet. My goal is to spread awareness and make it easier for families to purchase and use reusable, eco-friendly items. The more we use reusable eco-friendly items, the healthier our planet will be and the healthier we will be!

As business grew, so did my product line.  Shortly after opening, we added a children's toy line.  Just like the other items in my shop, it was important for these toys to be as natural and eco-friendly as possible. Not only are my toys eco-friendly, but they are CPSC toy safety compliant as well!


Reuse, recycle and compost!

Order in confidence knowing that any fabric scraps used in the production of my items are either composted in my home compost bin (cotton, wool, and other natural fibers) or cut up into small pieces (polyester, acrylic and other man-made fibers) and mixed with polyfill to be used as an option in my felt toys!

Each order is packaged in eco-friendly packaging that is either made from 100% recycled material or natural materials. Each item used in the packaging of your order can either be reused, recycled or composted!


Happy shopping!