Kombucha Felt (polyester) Natural Remedy

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PLEASE NOTE - The recipe has a small printing error on it as indicated by the arrow in the 2nd image
Kids love following in mommy and daddy's footsteps and creating their own natural remedies should be no exception!  That's why I created these natural remedy sets.  They are perfect for introducing how to make natural remedies at home as well as introduce the US measuring system and how to follow a recipe.
It is important to me that children have the opportunity to play with pretend toys that match their families naturally minded views. Let your child's imagination soar while they learn life lessons! 

Each piece is handcrafted out of polyester felt with organic cotton labels. Keeping my products low waste is important to me, so these toys are stuffed with a mix of polyfill stuffing and fabric scraps. This ensures that no fabric or thread scraps from my shop are thrown in the trash!

FOR SAFETY: Any mention of "heat" or "stove" has been removed from the recipe for your child's safety. This recipe CANNOT be used to make real edible kombucha.

Your Kombucha Remedy Set Includes:

1 jar of sugar, 1 jar of unflavored organic kombucha, 3 tea bags, 1 SCOBY and 1 recipe 

Pieces measure approximately 2.5" to 3.5"

Your natural remedy set includes a drawstring bag for safe keeping. 


*felt colors may vary slightly based on availability
*This product CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)  safety compliant for children 2 years and older.
~This item was crafted in a pet-friendly home

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