Pom Pom Birds

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These pom pom birds are so adorable and my kids loved picking out the yarn colors to represent their favorite birds!  I wanted to make them as realistic looking as we could, but these birds can be as simple or as complex as you want to make them.  They are a great parent/child activity as there are components that young children will need help with, including using a hot glue gun. 

We chose to make 5 different birds, Red Pileated Woodpecker, Ruby Throated Hummingbird, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Pine Grosbeak, and a Red Winged Blackbird.

My daughter wanted to make a pink bird, so I had her research pink birds.  We came across the Pine Grosbeak, whose species has lovely colored pink male birds.  The Pine Grosbeak is a member of the Finch family and lives in the conifer forests of the Northern half of North America.  It was the perfect learning opportunity! 

To make your bird

1. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard 3.25 inches by 1.5 inches.  These will be your pom pom makers and used to create the top and bottom halves of your bird.

2. Wrap the yarn around your cardboard pieces using the yarn colors for your chosen bird.  The more you wrap, the fuller your bird will be.  See tips below on how to design your bird colors.

3. Once both cardboard pieces are wrapped, thread a piece of yarn through your wrapped yarn loops.  See below picture. 

 4. Remove cardboard pieces. Be sure to not accidentally pull your long string of yarn out with it. 

5. Use the long yarn string to tie your yarn wrapped yarn loops in a circle.  Tie tight, but don't pull hard enough to break your yarn tie. 

6. Snip the outer edges of your wrapped yarn loops to create a pom pom.

7. Trim your pom pom in the shape of a bird by trimming the designated tail end.  Once completed, your bird will be loosely pear shaped with the tail end being the top of the pear.  

8. Trim the rest of the pom pom to smooth any longer threads. 

9. Cut 2 pieces of black yarn about 3 inches long.  Fold each piece in half and knot at the looped end.  Trim the remaining loose ends to be about the same length as the yarn on your bird. These will be the eyes of your bird.  

10.  If your bird has long tail feathers or a crest on their head, wrap desired color of yarn around 4 to 5 of your fingers depending on how long the crest or tail feathers you want.  Wrap a handful of times.  Pull off your hand, and tie a short piece of yarn in the middle of your loops.  You can clip the looped ends or leave them looped based on your bird and preference. 

11. Choose a piece of felt to match your birds beak color and cut in the shape of your birds beak.

12.  Hot glue the eyes, tail and crest onto your bird in the appropriate place.  The tail and crest should be folded in half at the tie and glued placed on the tie.

13.  Display your birds for all to see! 


Here is our flock!  If you try these, I would love to see your flock.  Tag me @huckleberrycreektoys on Instagram!




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