Painting with Flowers

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This is a fun and easy, hands on activity that's great for letting kids explore using natural pigments.

This easy craft starts with gathering your materials.  You can either use a sheet of canvas or a stretched canvas.  We used a stretched canvas for easy hanging when we were done.  

You will need to gather wildflowers and leaves for this project.  Wherever you harvest, make sure you have permission to gather flowers.  We found violets and dandelions growing in our yard and used the flowers from a lenten-rose bush from our landscaping.   

After your flowers have been gathered, place one on the canvas and start by crushing it with the end of a spoon. Once it's crushed, drag the spoon, pulling bits of botanical as you go.  

You can continue to push the botanical pigment around to your liking.  Continue adding additional petals and leaves to your painting, "painting" with your spoon.  You can also try using a fork to create different strokes, but make sure you don't poke a hole into your canvas.

If you create a Flower Painting, I would love to see it!  Tag me on Instagram or post a picture on our VIP group.

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