Nacho Volcano

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This is "nacho" average volcano here, but it sure is a fun one to make!

The kids were off of school and we had been talking about the Yellowstone volcano.  It's our favorite place to visit and often the topic of many discussions.  It's hard not to turn an interesting discussion into a fun food day!    

This nacho volcano is easy to make and very customizable.  Other than the refried beans used to create the volcano, you can make this with any of your preferred taco or nacho toppings.  We chose lettuce, salsa, guacamole, tomatoes and ground beef.  Cheese was our topping of choice to use as lava, but you could also use salsa, guacamole or any other somewhat liquid topping of choice.

TIP - If you make your own melted cheese, do NOT use pre-shredded cheese.  They coat the cheese with something so it doesn't stick to itself, thus making a rather grainy and clumpy cheese sauce.  


Here is how we made the volcano itself.  Pretty simple.  

I used a small bowl flipped up side down with a glass storage container on top.  I needed something to be able to hold my "lava".  

We then too tin foil and shaped our volcano. I draped the top of the tin foil into the top of the glass storage bowl so no beans or lava could sneak between the foil and bowls.  

Now comes the fun part, getting down and dirty with the refried beans.  Your hands will get dirty!  I took small handfuls of beans and started smoothing, it onto the tin foil.  You need to keep the beans pretty thick so the tin foil doesn't show beneath.  For our small volcano, I used 1 whole can plus some of a 2nd can.  I would definitely recommend having at least 2 cans on hand, and more if you build a bigger volcano.

After the volcano was built we added lettuce and sliced tomatoes around the bottom, and small cups of our other toppings.  We saved the best for last, pouring in our "lava" cheese!  My kids had fun with this part, making it flow down the sides.


 I served with chips where each child could choose to either scoop it right off the tray or in bowls so they could mix whatever toppings they wanted all together.


Enjoy!  If you make these, show me a picture by posting in our VIP Group, or tagging me on Instagram at @huckleberrycreektoys!

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