Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Imaginative Kids

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The past few years I have become increasingly aware of what I purchase for my own kids as well as my nieces and nephews. As I practice a more minimalistic approach to life, it has become even more important for the items I give to be eco-conscience, promote imaginative play and to get them off electronics. Bonus points if the items are sold by small business owners!  
Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas to get those imaginations running wild! 
1. Throne & Thimble - What is more eco-friendly than turning pre-loved and vintage materials into adorable plushies! These plushies make the perfect buddy for tea parties, woodland adventures or to snuggle up with on a rainy day.

2. HP Boutiques - HP Boutiques creates vegan-friendly polyester felt play mats.   All fabric scraps from her shop are either composted or used as stuffing material in other toys!  Playmats offer endless opportunities for creativity.  They can also be used in a home-school classroom as hands-on activities for learning about different eco-systems.
3. Blue Mountain Sky Co - Your little one will enjoy hands-on learning with this number/color match peg and ring set. Once they learn their colors and numbers, the peg people and rings can be used as toys.  Not to mention they are made from wood and not plastic!
4. Peculiar Hollow - This little dragon is just one example of the wooden toys from Peculiar Hollow.  Her toys are whimsical and will excite any child's imagination. These can be played within so many ways, from stacking, to pretend play with playmats, or even tossed in your purse for on the go!
5. Crafti Leslie - I have mentioned how much I LOVE these in a previous blog post as well, and I will mention it again!  I just love reusable water balloons.  Reusable and hours of water fun.  Water Balloon fights without the mess and without the waste. Win-Win!
6. Lu & Ed - Who would have guessed these adorable eco-friendly monsters are all crafted from textile discards! Your child will love creating their own adventures with their monster buddy, all while stimulating their senses with the variety of fabric textures used in creating them.
7. Deboop Shop - Every time we go out to dinner, it's guaranteed my kids want to play tic tac toe. Next time, toss a Deboop reusable tic tac toe board in your bag and save the paper!
8. Mouse Loves Pig - Non-electronic travel is hard to come by, but these organic cotton and wool felt blend travel mats are just the ticket!  Each playmat comes with handy pockets for storing toy accessories and rolls up to fit in your purse, diaper bag or travel bag.  


9. Dads Sawdust Factory  - Here is a unique wood "toy".  While this is not a toy in the traditional sense, it is still used by children to foster their culinary imagination.  Your child will enjoy creating art with their food on their own breakfast board!


10. Makings From Mommyland - This wooden peg set can be used in so many ways!  Are they camping, fishing or even exploring?  The play options are open to your child's imagination.


What are your favorite eco-friendly toys that spark your child's imagination? 

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  • I’ve gotta say – I love all of it! We have quite a few of Cody’s beautiful creations in our house, and the sensory blanket she made is currently my daughter’s favorite.

    Beth on

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