Non-Paper Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas to Start the Holidays off on a Green Foot!

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As a kid, I remember unwrapping all my presents as I ceremoniously tossed my crumpled-up wrapping paper into the trash bag, yelling "SCORE!" when it made it in, versus landing next to the bag.  Later that day, she would tie the bag off and carry several large garbage bags of wrapping paper to the trash.  Let's face it, wrapping holiday presents is a huge source of trash, often producing multiple bags per family each and every year (not Counting birthday!).  While some wrapping paper is recyclable (no metallics, glitter or textures), sadly there is no guarantee that what you toss in the recycling will actually be recycled.  

To help combat the holiday trash problem, I have put together some of my favorite, non-paper reusable wrapping options to kick-start your holidays!

1. Japanese Furoshiki Wrapping is simple and cost-effective.  Find any scraps of fabric you have laying at home, textile discards, clearance bins at the fabric store, or even napkins and other linens from the thrift store can be used! With Furoshiki, you are tieing the fabric around the package using knots. offers a great blog post that explains different methods for how to use this wrapping technique.

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2. Reusable Bags would be a quick method for wrapping gifts.  I'm not talking about reusing the paper gift bags you buy from the store.  I'm talking about actual reusable bags.  Bags that can be used at the grocery store, bags to carry books into and from the library, bags that can be used to haul kids toys, you name it!  Reusable bags not only make a great gift bag but they offer so many reusable options after the holidays!  These adorable monster bags from are the perfect size for kids' gifts. 

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